Feedback requested


23 September 2015, 14.00 – 17.30 

We kindly invite you to get acquainted with and give feedback on “AAL 1 solutions” specifically developed to support people with (mild) cognitive impairments and dementia, informal carers and professional carers. AAL solutions are combinations of easy-to-use ICT/technology based products and services that can help people with MCI/dementia to independently carry out daily activities, to maintain social contacts and take medication in time, to remind to appointments or physical exercise, to navigate outside and be localised when lost, to alarm carers if necessary, to provide safety and peace of mind, to share tasks and chores, to coordinate care etc. etc.


During the session ca. 8 AAL partners will present ‘their’ AAL- solution. After each presentation the audience will be asked to give their feedback by replying to some questions via an interactive voting system. After the voting there is time for questions and discussion.


The AAL FORUM is an international meeting place for people who are interested in the development and deployment of AAL solutions . There will be ICT-developers and companies as well as (future) users, researchers and policymakers. 1 Active & Assisted Living Each year we organise an AAL FORUM, vibrant with activities, demonstrations, international encounters and discussions about topics related to the role of ICT in an ageing society. E.g. How to ensure that systems are really easy to use, affordable and meeting the wishes of (older) users? How to safeguard the autonomy and privacy of (older) users? How can national/regional/local policies stimulate the development and the use of ICT?


Although there is an intensive collaboration with (potential) end users in the AAL projects, end users and their views are not so well represented in the annual AAL FORUM. That is why we invite you to participate in this session. We would like to hear your opinions on the role and potential of ICT/technology, your feedback on the solutions that will appear on the market and your suggestions for relevant aspects and further development in this area.

FREE REGISTRATION FOR THIS SESSION If you want to visit this specific ‘user session’ in the AAL Forum (people with MCI/dementia, informal carer, professional carer) the free registration includes: - participation in this session - a visit of the exhibition - participation in the ‘Get Together and Networking Drink’ after the session. You can register for this session by sending an email to Geja Langerveld If you want to visit other sessions and workshops at the AAL Forum, you can register for 1 day or for the whole conference. More information about AAL is available on the AAL website.(