news from DIoTTO

The recently kicked off DIoTTO project brings together three companies who will be collaborating on the topic of ‘internet of things within a care context’ (Studio Dott, Sensolus and Waylay). The DIoTTO project is funded through the Flanders Care Living Labs and is supported by the VOKA Health Community. Within the project, we specifically look at the relationship between senior persons and their caretakers. A central goal of the project is to provide caretakers with a product that allows them to reassure themselves that everything is ‘okay’ regarding the person they care for. Although that this idea is not necessarily novel, what we plan to focus on is how we can create a meaningful product or service for both the caretaker and senior(s). We have the impression that most products currently on the market focus either too much on technology or only provide a service relevant from the caretaker’s point of view. 

link to Information booklet