About Care Living Labs

Flanders is searching for innovative solutions to tackle the challenges in elderly care; challenges such as a sharply rising demand for care, personnel shortages and budgetary restrictions.

Therefore, a ‘testing and experimentation space’, or "Care Living Lab", was set up. The objective is to create new care concepts, services, processes and products together with the end users, and to then test them in practice. Furthermore, in the Care Living Labs Flanders, the end user is not only central to the evaluation, but also to the development and adjustment of care innovations.

All of this naturally assumes open innovation and A broad ecosystem whereby cooperation partnerships are developed throughout the entire care and value chain. Scale, multidisciplinarity and cross-sector co-operation are imperative.

Care Living Labs Flanders officially started on 19 September 2013 in the presence of Ingrid Lieten, Vice-Minister-President and Flemish Minister of Innovation, Public Investment, Media and Poverty Reduction.

The Flemish Government will finance the Care Living Labs for three years.