Knowledge base


The transcript from the findings of the execution of an assignment and the conclusions that were drawn from it. The reports were drawn up by the KIO and deal with topics from the Care Living Labs programme (find out more about the KIO).


SILs are short and accessibly written working documents that communicate insights from research. Scientific knowledge is offered in the form of key messages in reports of 2 A4 pages. Together with the key message, a short background is provided as to why this message is potentially relevant. SILs are 'attention grabbers', not thorough analyses. However, they are always based on scientific insights.

Working paper

The scope of a working paper is twofold. On the one hand, it is aimed at providing background information on specific topics and as such offer inspiration for practical strategies. On the other hand, the working paper will form the basis for a dialogue with the participants in the Care Living Labs about the possible approach to this topic. New insights, additional knowledge and critical reflections about the document can be used to further elaborate this document.

Congress papers, abstracts and posters, presentations

Posters and abstracts about the Care Living Labs have been made.


An infographic displays complex information in an accessible, visual way.

Information sheet