Active Caring Neighborhood

November 2013
October 2016

Nathalie Dillen
AzoB Platform Coordinator
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Active Caring Neighborhood

The structured cooperation between the five partners in the AzoB Living Lab project will now come to an end. Certain of the partners may continue to work together, but this will no longer be done within a Living Lab context.

In Antwerp, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen will certainly continue with the learning process it embarked upon with the Care Living Labs. For internal projects, the focus will increasingly be on the end user and extracting value from the idea will be a higher priority in the approval process when setting up the project.

Moreover, Zorgbedrijf Antwerpen has also committed to applying its knowledge and expertise to the projects being shaped through BlueHealth Antwerp.


The Active Caring Neighborhood platform is a cooperation partnership whereby Antwerp and Brussels partners wish to develop a neighborhood-oriented care organization in a metropolitan context so that also less self-reliant elderly people can remain living at home comfortably and independently as long as possible. The emphasis here is on reinforcing self-reliance, informal care and developing informal neighborhood care networks. Formal healthcare or professional home care will hereby by supportive, facilitating and complementary.

The platform wants to serve as a model for developing an Active Caring Neighborhood in Flanders and beyond. This is a neighborhood that is adaptable to 'ageing in place'; where residents know and help one another; that offers opportunities to meet; where persons needing care and informal caregivers receive support from motivated professionals and that offers the guarantee and continuity of care.

The platform aims to realize 'socially responsible care'; that is to say, proper, high-quality care that is (and remains) affordable for the user as well as for society. This is also the first living lab in Flanders that will examine how professional care can support and reinforce self-care, volunteer and informal care, and consistently keep itself on the second line.


The platform intends to create an experimental environment for companies and (care) organizations to capture the current and future needs of users and to attune their innovations
to them. The Active Caring Neighborhood hereby offers support in order to more quickly implement, adapt and valorize innovative services, processes and products concretely, efficiently and effectively.


The caring neighborhood model will be tested in two large cities in parallel. The Home Care Knowledge Center Brussels npo will test the concept in neighborhoods from the Brussels municipalities of Ittre and Schaerbeek. The Antwerp Zorgbedrijf (Care Company) and the City of Antwerp will test the model with older people who live at home, need care and are vulnerable in the Antwerp neighborhood Old Merksem. Aristoco International (an online app platform, Cubigo) and DKV Belgium (insurance) will assist both cities in developing the desired working method.

The Active Caring Neighborhood platform is open to initiators that wish to test a product, service or (care/service) process in the locale of neighborhood, with the objective being to reinforce the caring nature of the neighborhood.


The platform is the starting point for developing products, services and processes that are necessary for creating an Active Caring Neighborhood. By means of the platform, we take care of a test environment, measuring the demand and monitoring the financial impact/feasibility.

Furthermore, the platform functions as the necessary starting point for creating specific projects. Technology plays a role in independent functioning in the care process and in facilitating a neighborhood network. Therefore we explicitly opted to experiment with ICT applications that facilitate the elderly and persons needing care in living at home longer.