LiCalab - Living & Care lab

September 2013
August 2016

Kelly Verheyen

LiCalab Platform Coordinator

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LiCalab - Living & Care lab

In the period from 2013-2016, LiCalab has grown into a mature Care Living Lab. Its experience and expertise is now secured in LiCalab’s social profit organization. Together, a team of five currently supports about 15 companies in developing their healthcare innovations.

LiCalab will also participate in several European projects relating to Care Living Labs between 2016 and 2021: CrossCare, Seas2Grow, Helium, Follow.Me and NOAH. Finally, LiCalab is also drafting the regional care innovation policy for the Campine region, LiCalab’s home territory, at the Campine Health & Care Network.


LiCalab wants to let older people live at home longer, either independently or assisted, by means of care innovations. To this end, LiCalab opts for an integral approach to elderly people, with 5 central themes in which innovative projects are supported. For instance, LiCalab supports projects that reinforce the autonomy and self-reliance of the elderly.

Additionally, we wish to improve the home environment of the elderly through innovations that create a safe, comfortable and accessible living environment. We are also searching for solutions to let people grow older actively and to keep them involved in society. Another objective is to strengthen integrated care, tailored to the user. Furthermore, LiCalab is committed to the development of caring neighborhoods.


LiCalab creates an experimental environment for companies and care organizations that hope to launch new products or services in the fields of housing and care. Test users from Turnhout and the wider Kempen region work on new developments together with experts. LiCalab positions the end user at the center of the development path and can offer assistance by means of co-creation sessions and by conducting real-life tests in the end users' actual living or working environment. 

Co-creation with end users
In co-creation sessions, end users or care specialists will innovate together with developers and search for solutions to their problematic.

Real-life tests
In the real-life tests, end users will actually work with the new product or service in their home or working environment and will give constant feedback that can be used to adjust the development. LiCalab has a user-friendly communication platform that allows them to capture the use and experiences of the users.


LiCalab is constructing a test panel in the Kempen region, with Turnhout as home base. LiCalab will also have unique assets in the near future. In a new district to be developed behind the station in Turnhout, LiCalab will receive a series of state-of-the-art care apartments where innovations concerning housing and care can be tested.

LiCalab is also a member of ENoLL, the European Network of Living Labs. Since the founding of LiCalab in 2011, a number of pilot projects have already started up successfully.