november 2013
oktober 2016

Jessica Hekking
InnovAGE Project Coordinator
+32 (0)472/34 67 02


After the Flanders Innovation & Entrepreneurship period, InnovAGE will continue as the Care Living Lab in Leuven. The InnovAGE partners form a Living Lab environment together in which healthcare innovations are further developed, fine-tuned and tested with the end users. Moreover, InnovAGE is also a network organization where partners from various disciplines and sectors can meet and think together about innovations for the healthcare sector. In this way, InnovAGE continues to be a crucible for innovative care provision in the region, where ideas can grow from the bottom up and end users are involved in shaping their own care.

Care innovators – companies, healthcare providers, researchers, people with good ideas – are supported by InnovAGE by means of customized innovation processes. Examples include the organization of co-creation sessions, business model support, and the location of suitable test settings. Anyone interested in healthcare innovation is welcome to participate in co-creation sessions, events and innovation testing as an innovation consultant.

InnovAGE is also a partner in CrossCare in which three Flemish Care Living Labs (CareVille, InnovAGE and LiCalab) work together to offer innovation processes to companies and care institutions.


The InnovAGE consortium makes its objective to add high-quality years of life and, among others, wants seniors to live in their familiar environment longer and in good health. InnovAGE hereby focuses particularly on seniors with a complex need for care, for which continuity of care in all its aspects is essential. InnovAGE facilitates initiatives that, on the one hand, create innovative support products and services for the elderly and, on the other hand, also modernize the way in which we provide care. This type of care innovation that is tailored to the elderly not only benefits the self-reliance and autonomy of the elderly, but older people can also live longer in their familiar, safe environment and continue to participate in economic and social activities. The focus on cost effectiveness also keeps care affordable and creates new economic possibilities for the high-tech region of Leuven and Flanders.


InnovAGE intends to create an experimental environment for companies and (care) organizations that wish to capture the current and future needs of users and to attune their innovations to them. InnovAGE is a platform where a variety of actors can meet one another and the users – each from their own perspective - and cooperate in a co-creative manner on the development and testing of care innovations. InnovAGE hereby offers support in order to more quickly implement, adapt and valorize innovative services, processes and products concretely, efficiently and effectively.


As a 'quadruple-helix' participation platform, InnovAGE will systematically involve all stakeholders (authorities, businesses, care organizations, end users) and offer support in order to play a converging role in the care sector. By means of a broad network of some 40 care organizations connected to the platform, InnovAGE has direct access to a large and varied community of seniors within the entire district of Leuven. The potential test population includes persons from various age groups, housing types and various stages of self-reliance who live in an urban as well as rural environment. Through the active involvement of care actors from the 1st and 2nd line, there is direct access to approximately 8,800 vulnerable elderly persons with relatively high and complex care requirements.


Care and services for older and particularly vulnerable persons, often characterized by multi-morbidity, requires involvement from various stakeholders in the healthcare and services chain. Each innovation will have to be combined with a networked care strategy whereby information sharing and integrated workflows are crucial.

For projects that will run on the platform, the InnovAGE platform wants to clearly commit to exploring the possibilities and opportunities to contribute to better quality of care and to keeping care costs manageable by means of information sharing between the living environment and care information systems.

The extensive informatics platform available, including applications for managing patient files in hospitals, applications for sharing information with referrers and the possibility for patients to safely obtain access to data from the file hereby constitutes a strong foundation of experience for InnovAGE.