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januari 2016

Jo Ravelingien

Director of Remedus

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In Belgium, heart failure (HF) constitutes the most significant cause of hospitalization in the over-65 age category. Furthermore, life expectancy for patients with HF is shorter than the life expectancy of most cancer patients. The prognosis for HF patients can significantly improve by the correct choice of medicinal treatment according to 'evidence based' guidelines developed by the ‘European Society of Cardiology’ (ESC). In clinical practice, it seems that a large number of patients do not take the proposed medications or take an insufficient dosage.


With the CARDIOCOACH project, by making use of ICT (hardware/software/intelligent algorithms), we want to support the caregiver and patient to practically apply the ESC guidelines around medication intake for HF more quickly and efficiently. To this end, telemonitoring technology will be intelligently combined via sensors with a newly developed two-way communication system (via a smartphone application) that enables the doctor to adjust the therapy at a distance on the basis of registered medical parameters, symptoms and side effects. In addition, the smartphone application will encourage therapy compliance and patient involvement in the treatment. This project is a logical follow-up to telemonitoring projects concerning HF that are already running and more broadly expands current expertise with innovative solutions for an optimal choice of drug treatment for HF.


Objectives and valorization

CARDIOCOACH enables implementation of the international ‘evidence based’ guidelines for HF therapy, with limited use of resources, in a large patient population and in this way has a positive effect on re-hospitalization and death. By continually monitoring the patient in his home environment, it is possible to respond quickly to the care needs of the patient such that the timeliness and safety of care in the home situation can be guaranteed. The development of the CARDIOCOACH will be attuned to the end user (co-creation) and in this way aims for active participation from the patient and an improvement of his living comfort through a decrease in the number of general practitioner/hospital consultations. Together with creating added social value (high quality and affordable care), the industrial partners are pursuing economic valorization of the CARDIOCOACH in home care for chronic patients.