Home delivery of medications (from the home pharmacist to the patient)



Campine Pharmaceutical Union (with support from APB and VAN)

Home delivery of medications (from the home pharmacist to the patient)

The demand for home care continues to rise. The new project - home delivery of medications - wants to address this need. By means of this service, the pharmacist can have medications (prescribed as well as over-the-counter) and medical aids - by appointment - delivered to the home. Naturally, all of this takes place in a safe and controlled manner by means of complete traceability of the pharmaceutical products, and with absolute respect for the privacy of the patient. Furthermore, home delivery of medication can be combined with other products.

The pharmacist in this way responds to a social need without compromising his essential role as a first line care provider. The care relationship with the patient is maintained and is even deepened so that the patient can continue to count on the advice of - and follow-up by - the pharmacist for his use of medication and health.

Specifically, the medication is picked up at the pharmacy and then - by appointment - is combined and delivered to the home. This spares informal caregivers, pharmacists and other (professional) caregivers time-consuming and sometimes expensive trips. But even more importantly, this service improves the self-reliance and quality of life of the older patient in need of care who lives at home, and thereby can strongly contribute to living at home independently for a longer time.

Another aspect that will be studied during this pilot project is the simplification of communication between the pharmacist and the patient. This is indispensable for good pharmaceutical care, and it includes guiding and advising the patient concerning all aspects of the use of medication, requesting information, exchanging the medication schedule at a distance, etc.
Based on this pilot project on the LiCalab platform, bpost (Belgian Postal Group) and KFK, APB and VAN want to develop a solution that, after testing all the deontological and legal aspects, can be applied throughout Flanders and Belgium.