One of the companies that is working out a project with LiCalab is Tops Foods from Olen.

"Our core business is to develop and produce ready-made meals," says Michel Tops, Sales and Marketing Manager at Top Foods. "We do this with a globally patented pasteurization/sterilization technology whereby meals must only be heated for a very short amount of time - the result being a high-quality and honest meal. Honest because, despite the extended shelf life, no use is made of artificial conservatives, coloring or flavor enhancers. Tops Foods currently delivers ready-made meals primarily as the house brand of European supermarket chains."


Topshake: an innovative breakfast for people with difficulty swallowing.

With the development of Topshake, Tops Foods and expertise center Mobilab wish to offer a breakfast concept to persons with difficulty swallowing in order to prevent that they become malnourished. Increased food intake through the range of nutritious, balanced and varied recipes, together with an improved swallowing function, will guarantee a better quality of life for this target group. The pilot project is a result of research by expertise center Mobilab and research group Lab4food, both from Thomas More.

Five recipes will be tested, each with a different flavor (different basic ingredients), with various technical complexities and each with such a comparable texture in order to arrive at an improved swallowing reflex and action among the target group. Preliminary research has shown that, among this target group, the rheological characteristics/texture of the food has a direct influence on the swallowing reflex and action as well as on malnutrition.

In a first phase, some 30 persons with advanced dementia who live in residential care centers will test the recipes.

After this phase, the food will also be tested on those who live at home.