Innovative patient-centric service for improving medicinal therapy loyalty

januari 2014
december 2015

Marie Van de Putte (BAF)
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Innovative patient-centric service for improving medicinal therapy loyalty

Therapy loyalty (i.e. the extent to which the conduct of a person corresponds to the recommendations given by a care provider) is an important aspect for a good quality life. For many patients and principally for older patients in the home setting, medical safety and therapy loyalty are hard to manage and monitor and there is a need for support when following therapy. This project builds upon the first phase of the InnovAGE project ‘Medicinal safety and therapy loyalty among vulnerable elderly people at home’ in which a course of care is developed to improve medicinal safety and therapy loyalty for elderly patients living at home, with the elaboration of specific roles and responsibilities for the various care providers.

Project objectives

In this project, the partners would like to create an optimum care environment for older patients who wish to live autonomously at home, without being limited in terms of mobility. The MemoPatch® is used to lower/eliminate barriers that make it difficult for the patient to take their medication correctly and on time. The MemoPatch® is a self-adhesive patch that is applied to the skin (under development by TheraSolve) which employs a very effective and discreet tactile signal (tingling on the skin) to remind the patient when they must take their mediation, irrespective of the patient’s location. This project envisages a central role for the home pharmacist, who is responsible for the therapy loyalty consultation with the patient. The home pharmacist programmes the MemoPatch® on the basis of the medication schedule which is set up in collaboration with the GP. Efficient and effective cooperation between GPs, homecare nurses and home pharmacists will be facilitated via Vitalink (a project from the Flemish Agency for Care and Health). This project aims to reduce the consequences of erroneous medication consumption via an interdisciplinary care service that supports therapy loyalty. We would thus like to improve the patient’s quality of life and give older people the opportunity to remain in their homes for longer, in complete medication safety.

Research questions

At the end of the project, the partners will make recommendations concerning:

  • Therapy loyalty support services by the home pharmacist as care partner; the responsibilities regarding programming the reminder patch, data sharing and communication with the patient and with other relevant care partners (e.g. GP, home nurse).
  • The practicality of the MemoPatch® and its impact on therapy loyalty.
  • The patient profile/target group that could benefit from the services offered and the MemoPatch®.
  • The feasibility of the pharmacy channel for therapy loyalty support services and distribution of the MemoPatch®.